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ARS Stångsåg

A The hooked tip A is useful for removing creepers and cutting twigs. B Super Turbocut teeth B provide effortless cutting of wood in all directions. C The bark cutter C prevents the peeling-off of remaining bark when a branch is cut. It is also convenient to remove twigs and creepers. A notch in the cutting blade allows the saw to be hung on a branch during the pruning. D The two-section pole D can readily be extended to a desired length by operating the lever and buttons.  (*JG-3 grip fits all ARS Super Turbocut pole saws(except for UV-40) and universal poles from other manufacturers.)

Alla Stångsåg head passar alla telescoping poles. Du kan välja vilken du vill.


Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen

Produkten har blivit tillagd i varukorgen